New Orchestra Commission Received

After having many conversations with the acting director, Christopher Ramaekers, I have officially been commissioned by the Orchestra of St. Vincent’s in Chicago, IL to compose a work for orchestra for performance during their 2007 summer concert series.

Young Composer Mentor Project Reflection

Unpacking from the road trip back from Illinois State University, I would have to say that the Young Composer Mentor Project was an amazing experience. There was so much wrapped into those three days, it’s difficult to completely digest it at the moment.

I feel that I am walking away with so much information and perspective from the lessons with the mentor composers: David R. Holsinger, David Maslanka, and Jack Stamp. Each one of the mentor composers had such a different perspective on our music and what we could pull from this experience. The day after our pieces were performed, we had a review of the performance by Captain Donald Schofield which was quite revealing. I hope to keep in touch with all of the participants and mentors from this event.

Young Composer Mentor Project

From left to right: Jack Stamp, me, David R. Holsinger, David Maslanka

Here is a recording of ‘Light‘ from the performance on Monday, June 27 during the event:

Performed by United States Air Force Band of Mid-America on June 27, 2005
Gina Lenox, conductor

Selected as participant in Young Composer Mentor Project

I just received a phone call from composer Mark Camphouse to notify me that I was selected as one of three young composers to participate in the National Band Association’s Young Composer/Conductor Mentor Project sponsored by Bands of America. The piece that was selected for performance and review was my latest piece for wind symphony – ‘Light’.

On June 26th through 28th of this year, during the Bands of America Summer Symposium at Illinois State University, I will be joining two other composers and three conductors to have our works performed by the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America. The mentors will be David R. Holsinger, David Maslanka, and Jack Stamp. During the event, we will have lessons with each of the mentors as well as guided rehearsals with the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America and other breakout sessions. I’m rather ecstatic at the moment and cannot wait until June.