All The Things Wonderful Concert Band 2017 Premieres Spring 2017
Miniature PurSuits Brass Quintet 2016 Written for the Fenway Brass Quintet (Boston, MA)
The Significance of It All Wind Symphony 2014 A concert piece for standard wind symphony. Two items in particular ultimately provided the material and concepts of the work: Johann Sebastian Bach’s Alle Menschen Müssen Sterben BWV 643 from the ‘Orgelbüchlein’ and Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass, Book III, Song Of Myself, Part 26.
Written for Jeffrey J. Jones. Premiered February 17, 2014 at the Max M Fisher Music Center.
Winter Memories Concert Band 2013 An exciting piece that is perfect for winter concerts to be performed by middle school and high school concert bands.
Premiered December 8, 2013 at Valparaiso University.
A Song for the Earth Orchestra 2007 Written for the Orchestra of St. Vincent’s.Premiered June 10, 2007.
Child and Tribulations Woodwind trio 2005 Originally conceived of as a short trio, now the fourth movement, this work for flute, bassoon, and horn has continued to evolve into a fun yet challenging multi-movement work.
Light Wind Symphony 2005 Inspired by the way light interacts with every day situations, this piece for advanced band was born.
Written for the 2004-2005 Michigan State University Symphony Band
Travels Brass Choir & Percussion 2004 Composed as part of a lower Michigan collegiate consortium of young composers.
For standard orchestra brass section and 3 percussionists.
Premiered February 14, 2005 at Western Michigan University.
Connotations Chamber Ensemble 2004 An exciting work that begins mysterious with fragments of music that slowly coalesce in a fast jazz-influenced section.
to dream ¹ Concert Band and Choir 2003 A combined piece for choir and band to inaugurate the opening of a new high school and its arts program.
Written for Stony Creek High School in Rochester, Michigan.
Dreamscapes and Nightmares ¹ String Ensemble & Celesta 2003 Orchestrated for celesta and small string section. A short piece reflecting sleep, dreams, and nightmares.
Friendships ¹ Woodwind Duet 2002 Written for two friends who played an enjoyably unique combination of instruments: bassoon and contra-bass clarinet.
Life Cycle Percussion Ensemble 2002 A piece for percussion ensemble written for a student organized dance recital at Michigan State University.
Concert premiere April 1, 2003.
Battle Angelis ² Concert Band 2000 Conceived as a tone-poem, this highly evocative work represents the story of an army of good clashing with its enemies. After a series of dark musical clashes the forces of good prevail in a celebratory ending.
Written for the 1999-2000 Lake Orion High School Symphonic Band

¹ Currently not available
² Errata available