Terrific performance of ‘Light’ via Rutgers Wind Ensemble

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the November 16th performance of ‘Light’; however, I just received a recording from the director and professor of music at Rutgers, Dr. William Berz, and I have to say that the work and craftsmanship put into this piece is quite outstanding. I will be adding the recording to my archive of recordings immediately. I would also like to thank the Rutgers Wind Ensemble and Dr. Berz for such a fine rendition of my piece.

Performed by Rutgers Wind Ensemble on November 16, 2007
Dr. William Berz, conductor

Performance: Light – November 16, 2007

Light‘ to be performed by Rutgers Wind Ensemble at the Nicholas Music Center (New Brunswick, NJ). Concert starts at 8:00PM. [FREE]

Premiere of ‘A Song for the Earth’

I just got back home from a week in Chicago and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Orchestra of St. Vincent’s and appreciate the hard work they put into ‘A Song for the Earth’. Thank you, Orchestra of St. Vincent’s and Mr. Ramaekers, for a good recording of my work.

Performed by The Orchestra of St. Vincent’s on June 10, 2007
Christopher Ramaekers, conductor

‘Battle Angelis’ now published by Grand Mesa Music Publishers

Battle Angelis‘ is now officially published by Grand Mesa Music Publishers and should be available for purchase through most sheet music providers.

I never expected this piece to be published for general consumption. I had written it in high school for a very specific group of musicians and friends. Through encouragement and egging on from friends and colleagues, I decided to submit the work for review some four years after its premiere. Many of my friends who are music directors feel this piece with its dramatic qualities and exciting motifs would appeal to a wide variety of performers.

from ‘Traveling Through Time’
Used with permission.
© Copyright 2007 Grand Mesa Music Publishers

Performance: A Song for the Earth – June 10th, 2007

A Song for the Earth‘ to be performed by Orchestra of St. Vincent’s at St. John’s Cantius in Chicago (Chicago, IL). Concert starts at 2:00PM. [FREE]